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Quack Fix: Who's watching the watch lists?

Kevork Djansezian

Many of you are aware of the bet the Canuck and I made over a week ago. He decided to drop his Old English misspelling of common words for a week in exchange for a donation to the OI Foundation. Since he held up to his end of the bargain, I have done so as well. That takes care of the house cleaning duties for the day, let's look at the quack:

  • Watch lists are stupid, but I guess it's something to talk about when we have nothing to talk about. Kind of like giving away post season awards in baseball when no one else is paying attention to baseball
  • This is a great article about Mark Helfrich assuming the role of head coach of the Ducks. Why do I feel like so little has been made about his takeover of the position? Is it because he was the OC and everyone just assumes things will stay the same way? Is it because of his easy going demeanor in contrast to Kelly's abrasive style? How does the #2 team in the country last year lose its head coach, and the new guy just floats so casually under radar?
  • This ought to make Benzdeck happy. ALL THE OLD TIME DUCK GAME!!!!\
  • Those NCAA sanctions are really kick our ass. #TAILBACKU
  • If you actually need something football wise to look forward to, the Pac 12 media approaching. I'm glad Ifo is going to represent the Ducks defense. Just gives more time to T-Mitch to stay home and study film on all the passes he's going to pick off next season.
That's all the quack I got. If you find other pieces leave them in the comments below.