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NCAA Football 14's Player Rankings Name DAT fastest RB

We take a look at NCAA 14's estimation of De'Anthony Thomas

DAT just happened
DAT just happened
Harry How

We all know De'Anthony Thomas is fast. At EA Sports, they know this too and looking at the player rankings for the next edition of the recently released NCAA Football 14 DAT may be the most dangerous player in the game.

We've looked a bit at some of the new elements in NCAA 14. The acceleration burst is one of the new features which is going to allow for a player like HB #6 (in the game) to exploit the defense in ways never before capable on the top selling franchise. DAT's character is rated with a 98 Speed, 99 Acceleration, 98 Elusiveness, 97 Spin, 98 Juke and 96 Agility. What does this mean? Well like Ali said, you can't hit what you can't see and there will be plenty of LB and DB In the game who will be reading the back of DAT's jersey as he heads for the end zone. With this year's edition allowing for cutbacks to happen at the flick of a thumb, big plays are going to become easier to create and make playing agile players like Thomas all the more dangerous as they will play more true to real life. De'Anthony is precisely what you would make if you were trying to create your own home run threat to torment defenses week after week. The only downside to this is, if you use DAT to his capabilities in the game, you're only going to get one season from him unless you have some serious powers of persuasion.

So how does NCAA 14's desire to keep it real compare to the #6 who will line up next to Marcus Mariota this season for the Ducks? To steal from ESPN, once De'Anthony Thomas gets behind you, you can play the fight song. I feel like the makers of the game have seen some Thomas highlights, his abilities in the open field and statistics and tried to simulate the experience of watching DAT on YouTube in their game. I imagine that defensive coordinators already have heartburn thinking about what De'Anthony can do in the open field and I think that NCAA captures his ability to create a big play at any time admirably.

Just like in NCAA 14, De'Anthony Thomas is one of the most dangerous players in the NCAA and is definitely one of, if not the fastest player in college football. I think that we could be witness to a season full of highlights from DAT and he is going to use his elite speed and we know that he can make defenders look downright foolish. With his ability to catch the ball and tear even the smallest seam into a big gain, De'Anthony Thomas will be one of the most coveted stars in the NCAA and in NCAA Football 14.