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Quack Fix: Single Game Tickets, Innovation, Hurry Up Offenses

In today's collection of links, get your single game tickets, marvel at Oregon's innovation, and laugh at coaches like Bret Bielema and Nick Saban.

Steve Dykes
  • Looking to get to Autzen this year? Single-game tickets go on sale tonight at 10pm at But if you want tickets to Tennessee, Cal and OSU, you can only get those as part of season tickets or a three game mini-plan that includes two tickets from the Nicholls State, WSU, UCLA or Utah games. Ticket prices have gone up again this year, with Tennessee and OSU costing $99 each. But don't worry, at least we're not Michigan fans, who pay $175 for the Ohio State-Michigan game.
  • Who needs the Capital One Cup? CBS Sports has a list of their top sports colleges, and Oregon comes in at #2. Bruce Feldman uses the opportunity to talk about what makes Oregon so unique: their innovation. Feldman focuses on a huge turning point in program history, Joey Harrington's Times Square billboard. Oregon took a big gamble, it paid off, and has impacted not only football, but the whole athletic department.
  • With SEC Media Days in full swing, we got to hear Bret Bielema and Gus Malzahn snipe at each other about the danger or safety of hurry-up offenses as well as faking injuries. Good fun was had by all, and Andy Staples had a great sum-up of what happened. While there is a debate that needs to be had about player safety, it's pretty moronic to blame spread offenses while pining for "normal American football."
  • Marcus Mariota was named to the Davey O'Brien Award Watch List. And if you missed it from yesterday, here was Rob Moseley's first piece on Mariota.
  • Ken Goe takes a look at the "haves and have-nots" in track and field, taking a very close look at the economics of professional track & field. Though a few superstars grab all the attention, many that are trying to simply make a living professionally are get by on about $1,200 a month. Those strained resources can seriously hurt the level of competition, as a sport struggles to stay relevant. It doesn't sound pretty, and the sport is going to have to change and evolve to stay afloat in the coming years.

Got anything else? Leave it in the comments. We're 7 weekends away from college foobtall! GO DUCKS!