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Quack Fix: Vertical Blocking Sets, Cross Country 2013 Schedule and Drone Hunting Licenses

A town in Colorado is planning a vote next month on whether or not to issue drone hunting licenses. Shouldn't see too many things in the air in Colorado that aren't getting picked off and returned for touchdowns.

Matt King
  • The Oregon Cross Country team has released their schedule for 2013 and it includes only one home meet.
  • Interesting article about what Sonny Dykes is doing down at Cal, especially on offense. There are some good descriptions of the "Vertical Blocking Set", how it might be implemented, and how Oregon should fare against that type of scheme. I'm looking forward to seeing what new defensive line coach Ron Aiken schemes up to help thwart this change for the Bears.
  • The good guys over at Ralphie Report have some interesting simulations of the Pac-12 and discuss how many wins would make Buffalo fans happy. As of note, Oregon had the best success in the simulations but you know who came in second? Only the most annoying team EVER.
  • In future opponent news, here's Tennessee Volunteers head football coach Butch Jones at the SEC Media Day. He's trying to change the culture at Tennessee after almost a decade of down years but let's face it... cultures take a long time to change in SEC country.
  • Nicholls State has hired Brandon Washington to be the new defensive line coach after their previous coach left to "pursue other interests".

And finally, we all have needed a little help along the way to reach for the stars.