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Quack Fix: Oregon is the most popular team, who knew?

It seems like a video game to most of us as well.

  • Much was made of Chip Kelly leaving, but a guy who continually flies under the radar is Coach Rad. I think I would be more worried about the athletic department and its development if Coach Rad left than with any other coach or player.
  • Moar watch list info.

    What is interesting is that besides punter and kicker, the Ducks represent on every watch list in the nation.
  • #NationalBrand Honestly this doesn't mean much except for the fact that a ton of kids that are playing this game will eventually be looking at playing ball somewhere and the fact that they think that Oregon is the most fun place to play is pretty cool. Screw you Tosh, you might play a lot of Xbox, but I guarantee you're still losing a lot of those game to Oregon.
  • I think it's interesting that the NCAA sanctions most hurt the walk-on athletes at Oregon that get scholarships, Congrats NCAA, you just hurt a bunch of kids that worked their asses off to get something that you allow teams to give away freely. One kid that is making the most of it is Ben Butterfield, and Rob Moseley does a great job in his new role of profiling the fifth-year senior as he works to live in his legacy of his family.
That's all the quack I got, if you think you can shoot a five under and come back on the last day to add more quack, then please do so in the comments below.