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The Enemy of my Enemy

And no I'm not talking about the huskies.

We at ATQ just wrapped up a tremendously successful fundraiser again this year where we donated over $3,500 dollars to the OI Foundation in Wyatt Flude's honor. This kind of generosity is what community and blogging should be about. People who have a common interest rallying together to take on the larger problems in life.

We can't thank you enough.

Since I know what type of community and people you are, I thought I would also highlight a fundraiser that some special friends up north are putting on right now. The Cougs and Ducks might have a common distaste for all things purple and gold, but I guarantee we also have an even larger hatred for cancer.

And cancer in kids, well that's just too far.

Anyone that has had the privilege of talking to or spending time with Jeff Nusser knows he is a good man. If you have a minute take time to read his son's, Trystian, story. The kid is a trooper and the fact that Make-a-Wish was able to give him a special day and his family a special memory like that is incredible. And Jeff being the person he is, is trying to pay it forward.

So if you find it in your heart to donate, even a small amount, please do so. I know we ask a lot of you as a community, but I also know you come through more often than not.