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Quack Fix: Oregon picked to win the Pac-12, Aggressive Playcalling and Leadership Skills

Special thanks to Matt for handling the quack fix on Friday. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We’re a little over a month away now from college football season so let’s hit up some Oregon Ducks news to get the week started right.

Steve Dykes
  • Things will be different with Chip Kelly gone to the Philadelphia Eagles but while Mark Helfrich has tried to calm fears by claiming things will be about 99% the same with a few tweaks, there's an aspect to Chip's game management that people seem to have mixed feelings about. On one side is a call for the aggressive playcalling to continue. On the other side, lamentations over not enough kicks and conservative plays. One thing I know for sure... as soon as the first mistake happens, we'll be hearing a whole lot of "Chip wouldn't have done it that way". I'm thinking about halfway through the Tennessee game, these comparisons are going to be almost deafening.
  • One of the great things about college football is the constant renewal and change from year-to-year. Players from last year have to step up as leaders, not only at game time, but from practice-to-practice to help those that are now in the position they once held.
  • The media picked Oregon to win the Pac-12 title in 2013 and while many of us had pegged this year as a big year for national title hopes, I'm just not ready to dismiss Stanford yet. They'll have adjustments to make in losing Stephan Taylor but they are in a much better position at quarterback and bring 6 of their front 7 players back on defense. If they can get good production out of their running game, it will be hard to bet against them repeating.

Make sure to link up any quack you find and as always, Go Ducks!