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FACT OR FICTION: Marcus Mariota Will Leave The Oregon Ducks For The NFL After The Season

Oregon fans are crazy exicted about the uber-talented young quarterback, but could he be leaving us so soon?


Oregon fans like to fawn over Marcus Mariota and, after an impressive rookie campaign, they have every reason to be excited over his future. However, one thing is lingering out there, and it's a possibility that many Duck fans like to gloss over: Mariota, as a redshirt sophomore, is eligible for the draft after this season. With Mariota possessing prototypical NFL size at 6'4", and being talked about in mock drafts as a potential first round pick, the statement must be assessed: Mariota will leave for the NFL after the 2013 season.

David Piper -- FACT

Another stellar season by Mariota will have scouts drooling. Not only is his size what NFL teams want, but he makes great decisions with the football (69% completion rate, only six interceptions), has a strong arm, and is an excellent runner who will fit in with modern NFL offenses. You look at what Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick did last year, and Mariota is in a similar mold. So long as health isn't an issue, Mariota will be looking at being a first-rounder next season. It will be an opportunity too good to pass up.

Dominic Vieira -- FICTION

We've been incredibly fortunate in the quarterback injury department over the last 2-3 years which has helped fuel our BCS runs. I think nagging injuries, a second-year slump and some unfinished business will drive Mariota back for his senior year. While Darron Thomas chose to leave earlier than most thought, Mariota will be around longer than people think.

jtlight -- FICTION

But I think it's going to be really close, and Duck fans are going to have a lot to worry about in the run-up to declaring for the draft. I think that Mariota will once again be the top QB in the conference, and is a good bet to get invited to New York. But unless he wins a Heisman (which I think will be difficult with De'Anthony Thomas in the backfield), I don't see him leaving just yet.

Takimoto -- FACT

Because Marcus Mariota is winning the 2013 Heisman trophy. And if he stays another year, how is Jake Rodrigues supposed to win the 2014 Heisman trophy?

nds500 -- FACT

The schedule sets up for the team to be in the national title conversation all season and at a minimum play in another BCS game. With another successful season the team could see significant early-entries into the NFL draft, starting with Marcus. He might be the best QB in the country and his already outstanding stats would be even better if he didn't sit out so many 4th quarters last year. Mariota will be a Heisman candidate and has everything teams look for in a first round QB: size, mobility, great arm, poise, maturity, and intelligence.

Jake Tabor -- FICTION

I think Mariota going pro is reliant on a couple factors. If Geno Smith can perform well in the league it may help lift the stigma the NFL has with "spread" quarterbacks. Also, I expect Johnny Manziel to go pro and his "star power" will overshadow another talented young QB trying to come into the league.