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QuAxemen Fix: ATQ's Lovable Scamp Signs Off

Your daily helping of Oregon Ducks news and notes.

Colt Lyerla says, "Soon."
Colt Lyerla says, "Soon."
Otto Greule Jr

Dave was gracious enough to let me do the Quack Fix on my last day as an ATQ writer before I head across the information highway to Duck Territory. I don't mean to get all sappy and overwrought here, but I've grown up a lot over the past few years, and I have you guys to thank for some of that. You all acted in many ways as my digital family, and while my blood relatives provide an immeasurable amount of love and support, I've never been banned from any of their houses. I owe Dave many a beer for standing up against other moderators who wanted to perma-ban me a couple years ago because without that, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to gain the valuable experience and exposure I received while covering the Ducks for this blog.

I'm not signing off forever or going off the grid – I'll still be around to debate hamburger chains and synthetic sweets on the blog, but I won't be participating in most of the relevant collegiate sports discussions, as that will be a big part of my duties at Duck Territory. I look forward to banning Matt Daddy as soon as he signs up and then leaving the country for good.

Until we meet again, please keep Keeerrrttt away from all things Cookie Monster and Mutumbo, and do your best to keep this place from the rule of the GOAT girls.

On to the Quack.

And finally, since I've turned this into a sentimental rag, here's an early Friday video from a movie I've actually seen.