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5 Explosive Fireworks Displays by the Oregon Ducks in 2012-13

Just in time for Independence Day, we count down 5 of the best fireworks displays the University of Oregon Athletic Department gave us in 2012-13.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

#5 - Jeff Gold gets a creative out against Cal State Northridge

Stopping a line drive back to the mound could be great enough in its own right but what made this play special was the throw to first base. No matter how much you practice, sometimes you just have to take the circumstances you're playing with and make a play when the time is called. Since Gold couldn't get the ball out of his mitt, he did the only thing he could do... try to throw the ball WITH the mitt over to first base to get the out.


#4 - The Duck goes "Gangnam Style"

One of the biggest hits in 2012 was "Gangnam Style" by PSY. The University of Oregon Athletic Department got out in front of this fad and produced one of the great parody videos of the year all while creating a ton of buzz nationally.


#3 - Arsalan Kazemi dunks on UCLA

In one of the key moments in the Pac-12 Championship Game against UCLA, Kazemi did was he was able to do all season... provide a big moment when the Ducks needed it most. The steal, the breakaway, and the dunk to help Oregon go on a mini-run after the Bruins had cut the lead to just 2.


#2 - Volleyball Defeats Penn State, heads to the National Championship Game

In the best season the Oregon Volleyball team has had to date, the Ducks pulled the upset on no. 1 ranked Penn State to secure a berth in the National Championship Game. Even though Oregon came up short in the title game, that victory over a traditional volleyball powerhouse will resonate with fans for years to come.


#1 - De'Anthony Thomas starts the Fiesta Bowl off with a bang

Who could forget the opening kickoff from the 2013 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale? De'Anthony Thomas added to his already storied legacy by taking the opening kick back for a touchdown against Kansas State. That return set the tone for the entire game and put a wonderful exclamation point on the Oregon career for former head coach Chip Kelly.