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Quack Fix: Week One of Practice Wraps Up

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Tread lightly Duck fans. Tread lightly.

Highlights (From Oregon's Official Practice Report):

  • The Ducks were in full pads to finish off their first week of practice.
  • Mariota still has a cannon, and appears to be working well with Bralon Addison.
  • Yes, the defensive line is going to be a monster this year.
  • Oh good, our kickers can still make FG from about 30 yards out. How about one from 43?
Blurb of the Day:

"You're never where you want to be. We're always getting better and we're always striving. You're never satisfied," he added. "I like where we're going, but we've got to go there."


Apparently the Register Guard wasn't quick enough to publish this letter to the editor, so did it for them

The Oregonian's Andrew Grief has a twitter Q&A session with some fans.

The Register-Guard's practice report.

Ashton Easton is still an amazing athlete.