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Help Wanted: ATQ Is Looking For The Next Man (Or Woman) Up

ATQ needs a new Eugene correspondent--could it be you?

Jonathan Ferrey

*NOTE* We'd still like to solicit a few more applicants for this position, and are willing to bring on more than one person if there are multiple good fits. If you are not in Eugene now, but will be once school starts, please apply. As was evidenced by Will, this is a great opportunity to get real-world journalism experience, make connections, and build a portfolio.

As avid readers of this blog know, earlier this month we lost one of our Eugene correspondents, Will Rubin, for a new position at DuckTerritory. While we miss Will and wish him nothing but the best, you know the Oregon mantra--next man up. We are looking for a new Eugene correspondent to join our team.

The Eugene correspondent will be working closely with our other correspondent (Jake Tabor) and myself to cover practices and contests across the Oregon athletics spectrum. This means football and basketball, but other sports as well. We want somebody with the voice of a fan, but who can think about Oregon athletics objectively. We need somebody who is based in the Eugene-Springfield area, who can commit to covering events multiple days per week (including midday at times), and will also maintain a presence in the commenting area of the site, as is consistent with the current editors and authors.

There is no monetary compensation at this time, which is necessary for us to remain a free site. However, we offer a generous amount of editorial freedom, and a great opportunity to network and build a portfolio on one of the web's fastest growing media organizations. Interested applicants can send a cover letter and writing sample to