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Oregon Ducks Football Practice Report for Thursday

While I am out of town, I called in a favor from a fellow media cohort

Craig Mitchelldyer

I am in Tahoe until Saturday and Erik Skopil of E-Duck was gracious enough to send me the audio files he received from practice today. What I received are interviews with coach Helfrich as well as Marcus Mariota.

Coach Helfrich touches on what was a "good day" in practice. Coach speaks on the kicker position and what we can expect out of the special teams units. What's more is the intricacies of working in overtime periods. Also was a hint at a mentality change on kickoffs moving into the next season.

Marcus Mariota gets to comment about getting put on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the humor of the head coach. MM goes into talking about how important getting the incoming players time in practice and what he is improving on as practice has moved into his Sophomore season.

Thanks again to Erik for giving us something to work with and give the people what they want. GO DUCKS!

Marcus Mariota

Mark Helfrich