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FACT OR FICTION: Oregon Will Have A 1,000 Yard Receiver This Season

The Ducks haven't had a 1,000 yard receiver sine Jeff Maehl reached that milestone in 2010. Is 2013 the year?

Stephen Dunn

The Ducks haven't had a 1,000 yard receiver since the dependable Jeff Maehl broke that mark in the 2010 season. In fact, nobody has come particularly close to reaching that milestone, with Josh Huff leading last year's squad at 493 yards. Is this the year the trend reverses. ATQ explores. FACT or FICTION? Oregon will have a 1,000 yard receiver this season.

David Piper -- FICTION

The Ducks have so many factors against having a 1,000 yard receiver that it is highly improbable. This is a run-first offense that is going to run over 60% of the time and, when it doesn't run, is going to spread the ball across all five receiving options on the field. Couple that with the fact that the Ducks play a ton of different guys and that most games will be over by halftime, lending to a lot of time for backups, and I think we'll see something similar to last year, where eight guys had 19 or more receptions, but nobody really dominated the ball in the fashion you need to to get 1,000 yards on the year.

Takimoto -- FICTION

Though they'll have four receivers with 600 yards or more (DAT, Huff, Lyerla, and Hawkins).

Dominic Vieira -- FACT

We've gotten used to being a run-first team the last few years and all that changes in 2013. Look at the weapons Mariota has in the passing game. Huff, BJ, De'Anthony, Lyerla and that's just the front line. We're going to be throwing it all over the field and Huff is going to absolutely go wild, catching anything and everything headed his way. When the team needed a big play the last few years, it was LaMichael and Kenjon getting the rock. This year, it will be Huff where he makes his senior year push towards the NFL.

Rusty Ryan -- FICTION

Last year the leading receiver was Josh Huff who only had 493 yards on 32 receptions. Second was De'Anthony Thomas with 445 receiving yards. The last 1000-yard plus receiver was Jeff Maehl and he was by far the best option. I don't think one of the receivers stands above the rest in this group so far that they will garner enough targets. Even though I expect Helfrich to pass more than Chip Kelly, I doubt that a receiver will break 1000 yards receiving.

Jake Tabor -- FICTION

Oregon hasn’t had a 1000 yard receiver since the departure of Jeff Maehl and I don’t see it changing much this season. It’s not because we don’t have the talent out wide. Josh Huff is a dynamic threat and has proved to be a capable receiver. Odds are, Oregon is going to be leading in a lot if not all of their games this year. All reports show that the offense is not going to change all that much with Coach Helfrich at the helm than when Kelly ran the offense. That being said, I expect the Ducks to run the ball a lot in the second half and get the second and third string guys work as games wear on.

nds500 -- FICTION

While I too expect them to throw it more this year, Oregon simply spreads it around too much to have a 1000 yard receiver. Additionally, the Ducks figure to once again blow a lot of teams out, which means lots of running and backups in the game for second halves. Josh Huff is their best chance to achieve the feat, and while I expect him to make big plays and have his best year as a receiver, I don't think that will include going for 1000 yards.