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Oregon Ducks Football Practice Report: Helfrich, Aliotti and Johnstone

There are only three more practices before the Ducks prepare for official game practices.


Today, the coaches seemed to have a little bit of an edge on them. Mark Helfrich poked fun at how Oregon has "no fun" at practice and Coach Aliotti gets after one reporter about whether Arik Armstead can get out and cover a wide receiver down the sideline.

Helfrich speaks on the wide receiving group and what they can do to improve and get away from what he calls the dreaded "potential" tag and achieve what their potential truly is.

Both Helfrich and Aliotti give high praise to the defensive line and what they have been able to do in practice this season but we really get to hear what they have been doing from one of their counterparts in Tyler Johnstone. Johnstone talks about his responsibilities as one of the leaders across the offensive line and how he is trying to coach up the new guys. Next week is game week so we will get to hear about preparations for Nicholls State University. GO DUCKS!

Mark Helfrich

Nick Aliotti

Tyler Johnstone