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Oregon Ducks Football Wednesday Practice Report

Wegot the attention of Coach Helfrich and Frost today after practice.

Steve Dykes

Tomorrow is the final scrimmage of fall camp for the Ducks and much like yesterday, Oregon was in helmets only this morning and then full pads in the afternoon. The offense seemed to make up for "losing" the competition day the day before and coach Helfrich seemed pleased with their output on the offensive side of the ball.

Today we hear from Coach Helfrich as well as Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost. Mark Helfrich comments on general practices and applauds the Ducks' effort throughout camp and discusses whether potential red-shirts know they will be redshirting.

From Coach Frost we get to hear how things have changed from being the quarterback's coach to being the offensive coordinator. What is interesting is how he talks about his relationships with his quarter backing crew and how his experience working with them has aided in his role with the offense now that he will be up in the booth.

Mark Helfrich

Scott Frost