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2013 ATQ Jersey Contest

The 2013 ATQ Jersey Contest is here! Make sure to join the pool and make your picks each week for a chance to win an Oregon jersey.

Harry How

With the college football season (finally) kicking off next week, it's time to announce the seventh annual ATQ Jersey Contest. Each week, I will select a group of games and you will pick the winner against the spread.  At the end of the season, the user with the highest cumulative total will receive an Oregon Ducks jersey of their choosing.  Unfortunately, this season we will not be offering weekly prizes.  Previous winners include: hamiltop2009 (2012), Bakkala (2011), PhantomF4 (2010 - after a tiebreaker), axemen23 (2009), buffduck (2008) and jteubs (2007 - after a tiebreaker).

Similar to last season, we will be using a third-party site to manage the contest: Fun Office Pools.  You will need to register with the site and join the ATQ pool (password is GoDucks). Please register using your email address that is associated with your SBN login.

In a slight change from last year, all games will only be picked against the spread -- there will not be any confidence points. Picks are due before the start of each game or noon on Saturday (whichever is earlier).  It is important to note that there are no default picks -- you will need to log in each week and make picks in order to receive a score for that week.  Each week will include at least five games to pick, but I reserve the right to include as many games as I find interesting. I will select the games for each by Sunday at midnight. I will post the games and a reminder on Monday morning here at ATQ.

Finally, in the event of a tie at the end of the regular season, the tiebreaker will consist of a similarly formatted bowl pick'em.  If necessary, further tiebreakers may be included in the national championship game (e.g., predict final score, total number of rushing yards, etc.).

Good luck this year!