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Oregon Ducks Football Monday Practice Report

5 days till football!


Today we hear from Coach Helfrich on the first practice of the week and the second in preparation for the Ducks' season opener with Nicholls State University.

With the release of the two deep today, coach Helfrich comments on some of those players who made an impact and talks at length on the decision to move Oshay Dunmore to the drop end position, vacated by Dion Jordan.

Coach also tiptoes around balancing respect and focus for a lesser opponent in Nicholls. One thing of interest is how coach Helfrich discusses their preparation for an opponent. He says practice and scout work is all about what Oregon does and what Oregon does well, not necessarily what the opponent is good at. It seems as though Mark was in a jocular mood, cracking a few light hearted jabs here and there at the expense of us in the conference. We're closing in on game day. GO DUCKS!

Mark Helfrich