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Oregon Ducks Football Practice Report: Mark Helfrich and Nick Aliotti

We have coach speak galore today!

Man in helmet holding ball
Man in helmet holding ball
Kevin Casey

Today was a weird day, when coach Helfrich has teleconferences attention gets split between going upstairs and listening to him or staying down to talk to others. I had Dwayne Stanford requested but he managed to sneak through the staff's clutches and missed him. Re-scheduled for Thursday as I won't be at practice tomorrow.

We did get to hear from both Coach Aliotti and Coach Helfrich though today and both are locked into game week mode. Coach Aliotti talks a little on why Dunmore got selected for the drop end position and what he hopes to accomplish against the Colonels this weekend.

Mark Helfrich on the other hand talks about the leadership role of Marcus Mariota and compares him to a former Arizona State Quarterback. On the more lighthearted side, Coach talks about his only game day superstition/ritual.

As I mentioned, I won't be at practice tomorrow. I'm day to day and plan to be back to practice at 100% on Thursday. Rumor has it Kyle Long is going to be in town for the first game of the year and I'm trying to see if I can get him for a few minutes also. Wish me luck and GO DUCKS!

Nick Aliotti

Mark Helfrich