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Oregon Ducks Football: Thursday Practice Report

It's the last practice before real live football action. I'm fired up!

Daryle Hawkins, just kidding. Just seeing if anyone reads this
Daryle Hawkins, just kidding. Just seeing if anyone reads this
Steve Dykes

By this point, there really isn't much more to say about this weeks opponent, Nicholls State University. By all accounts the offense is fast and the defense is strong and the only real mysteries are when Oregon is going to pull the starters. As the rain was falling, we scurried under cover and throwing the order of things into a bit of chaos.

First we get Colt Lyerla, Lyerla goes over exactly how the offense is faster this year than they were a year before. He also talks about the depth at the Tight End position and what John Mundt has done to impress him as the leader of the TE's.

Coach Helfrich gave us the itinerary for the next couple days leading up into game time and what his favorite music was growing up.

We also hear from Dwayne Stanford about the WR's as a whole and how he has worked to get on the field this season. The Ducks don't have practice tomorrow so this is my final practice report before the Ducks take the field on Saturday. GO DUCKS!

Colt Lyerla

Mark Helfrich

Dwayne Stanford