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Quack Fix: Injuries Create Depth, Clutch Field Goals, Quacking with Aplomb

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have reports from Thursday's practice, a new word to improve your vocabulary with, and other news of the day.

Ronald Martinez

Highlights (from Oregon's official practice reports)

  • Thursday was a mental day with a walk-through.
  • Moseley made a point to say that he wouldn't include highlights going forward at risk of divulging too much information.
  • Also, "aplomb" is defined as "having self-confidence". Looks like Rob is on a vocabulary kick. That should get the ATGrammar nerds excited.
  • Clutch field goal drills saw both kickers make 36-yard field goals.


Blurb of the Day

Yes, I'm doing a shameless plug for the ATQ Twitter account but this is great information.