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Oregon Ducks Volleyball Open Thread Vs. Eastern Washington

I know most of you are watching football, but if you aren't there's some volleyball!

The journey back to the playoffs begins tonight for the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks have one game tonight against Eastern Washington and then have a double header tomorrow facing both Ohio and Bryant.

Like I said, I'm sure many of you are watching football but if you aren't I will be here keeping you company in this open thread watching yet another of Oregon's better programs. Oregon starts the season ranked #8 which is the highest preseason ranking in program history and are picked fourth in the conference. For the average volleyball fan, that should go to show you just how ridiculously stacked the Pac-12 conference is when it comes to volleyball.

The Ducks return conference setter of the year Lauren Plum as well as All Everything Liz Brenner and Ariana Williams. We will be looking to see who takes over the second blocker position tonight and if Oregon has a consistent player in that position.