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ATQ Summer Compliance Contest Week 5

This man did NOT score well in the ATQ compliance contest.
This man did NOT score well in the ATQ compliance contest.
Jamie Sabau

The departure of the whipping boy led to a week off in the compliance contest, but we're back for a new week. The form to submit this week's responses can be found here.

Questions for this week are all true/false:

1. It is NOT permissible for for an institution to have contact with a student-athlete who has begun service on an official church mission without obtaining permission to contact from the institution from which the student-athlete withdrew prior to beginning his or her mission if the student-athlete signed a National Letter of Intent and attended the institution with which he or she signed as a full-time student.

2. An institution may cancel financial aid based on athletics ability, during the period of the award, because of a psychological condition that prevents the recipient from participating in athletics.

3. It is NOT permissible to display a prospective student-athlete's name on the scoreboard, even if the facility is completely empty and closed to the public.

4. A member of the institution's faculty may have contact with a prospective student-athlete on the institution's campus, or within 30 miles of campus during a prospective student-athlete's OFFICIAL visit.

5. A person who has made a financial contribution to an institution's athletic department within the last five calendar years either directly or indirectly (mandatory ticket fees, etc) is considered a booster and may not contact a prospective student-athlete with the intention of recruiting him to said institution.

I will compile the results from the first four weeks and have standings out tomorrow.