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Quack Fix: Fall Practice Day 2 Recap

Fall practice rolls on as Oregon tackled day 2 of fall camp, plus your other daily Ducks news and notes.


Many thanks to CougCenter, whom I'm blatantly ripping off the format for this Quack Fix.

Highlights (from Oregon's official practice reports):

  • Oregon practiced with helmets and no pads on the outdoor practice fields.
  • Eric Dungy made an impressive sliding catch in the end zone.
  • Ifo Ekpre-Olomu matched up with DeAnthony Thomas in coverage.
  • The practice featured both down and distance scenarios and full 11 on 11 sessions.
  • Oregon will don shells on Wednesday.
Blurb of the Day:

"We made a ton of mistakes. A ton of new mistakes, good mistakes,'' Helfrich said. "We talk about make 1,000 mistakes and make 1,000 different ones. We encourage mistakes, then we encourage different ones and more.''

The idea is that mistakes lead to teaching, and education. Taken one step further, it's better to get those mistakes out of the way now before the action really counts in games. The Ducks open Aug. 31 at home against Nicholls.

Other Notes:


Let me know how you liked this format in the comments, as well as your usual off-topic conversation. GO DUCKS!