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Oregon Ducks Football Post Practice Report

ATQ got to talk to Colt Lyerla, Coach Campbell, Coach Aliotti and Coach Helfrich


Today was the first day the Ducks got to practice in shells and the general consensus is that the Ducks practiced with more intensity and seemed more excited to be at practice. Some attributed it to being in shells while others credited the cool weather.

Colt Lyerla was at practice today and we got to hear from him after his absence yesterday from feeling ill. It's a little strange to see players and coaches dripping wet when they come out of practice knowing how hot it has been but that's due to them walking through the cryo tubs at the conclusion to each practice.

If there are any players or coaches you wish to hear from, please let me know who you want in the comments so I can request them. I'm doing my best to give the people what they want! Until then, Go Ducks!

Coach Campbell

Coach Helfrich

Coach Aliotti

Colt Lyerla