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The Eyes Of The Football World Rest On Philadelphia As Chip Kelly Makes His NFL Debut

The former Oregon head coach debuts his Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots tonight on the NFL Network.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Common wisdom says few things in sports are as boring as NFL presason games.

However, the eyes of many football fans, college and pro, will be on the NFL preseason tonight as former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly makes his NFL debut when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots at 4:30 PT on NFL Network.

The compelling questions, of course, is fans wondering what kind of offense Kelly will run with the Eagles. It's certainly not going to be the spread option, zone read offense that he ran at Oregon--which exposes your quarterback to too many hits in the NFL. But we know that it will likely be no huddle and feature spread principles. Many pundits feel that it will be modeled on the very New England offense that Kelly will face tonight.

Michael Vick will start at quarterback for the Eagles tonight, though Kelly has already announced that Nick Foles will start the second preseason game, with the two in an open competition for the starting QB battle. Rookie Matt Barkley and former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon also figure to see snaps.

The Eagles don't have a lot of talent, and Kelly certainly won't be based on win/loss totals this sason. But one of the most fascinating NFL transitions in recent memory will be followed closely.

Will you be watching the Eagles game tonight, or is Kelly the Eagle not of interest to you? What kind of offense do you think he will run in Phialdelphia? Discuss in the comments.

Also, if you are watching the game tonight, use this as your open thread.