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Oregon Ducks Football: Tuesday Practice Report

With the teleconference, all we get is Coach Helfrich today.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Every Tuesday, Mark Helfrich has his Pac-12 teleconference so it makes it a challenge to get anything but him. However, we did get an extended interview with him, spanning about 17 minutes.

Coach Helfrich talks about everything from the Eagles start to how his team has been preparing for Tennessee's visit.  He speaks on Marcus Mariota's abilities as a leader and says "He's not the kind of guy to grab a right guard by the face mask" but does illuminate how his leadership is valuable on the team.

He was unable to comment on his conversation with the Pac-12 about some of the penalties but did say that the meetings went well and that he was pleased with their outcome. He also discusses who stands out on the Tennessee team and the challenges of scouting against a new coach who hasn't had many challenges against them. That sounds familiar. GO DUCKS!

Mark Helfrich