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The QuackPoll: Week 2

Teams are always rising and falling in the QuackPoll.

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The Week 1 QuackPoll was a bit without an identity; Dave and Tako, the resume voters, combined their ballots with power rankings voters Noah, Jake, and Dom, and the result was a bit of a FrankenPoll, with Washington in the Top 12, an 0-1 team ranked 17th, and not one, but two FCS teams in the rankings. After two games, things are beginning to even out.

But not really.

  • We have a new #1 team, as Oregon flip-flops spots with an idle Alabama. Dave was the biggest reason for the change, moving the Ducks from #15 (really Dave?) in Week 1, to #2 after their blowout win over Virginia. Oregon takes the top spot despite having only one #1 vote, with Clemson and Alabama splitting the other two.
  • Biggest riser: Miami, riding their upset win over Florida into the #14 spot.
  • Biggest faller: Texas, from #13 to out of the top 25. I guess giving up 550 rushing yards doesn't impress many people.
  • Most confusing team: Again, Miami, whom Dave has at #3, Jake has at #23, Tako has at #5, and whom Noah chose not to rank. Could be an oversight, but I'm calling him out anyway.
  • Least confusing team: All five of us feel the same, within 5 spots or less, about Oregon, Clemson, LSU, and Florida State.
  • Interesting fact of the week: no individual has LSU higher than #5 (Noah). But because no ballot has them lower than #9 (Jake and Dom), they end up #4 in the combined poll.
  • Who does everyone love this week (more than everyone else)? Dave: Miami (#3), Jake: Ohio State (#4), Tako: Michigan (#2), Dom: Stanford (#3), Noah: LSU (#5)
  • Who does everyone hate this week (more than everyone else)? Dave: Ohio State (#19), Jake: Miami (#23), Tako: Alabama (#12) and Texas A&M (#16), Dom: Washington (#21), Noah: Miami (unranked)
  • Washington was idle, and moved up a spot. Alabama was idle, and dropped two spots.
  • Notre Dame lost, and dropped three spots. Stanford won their first game, and dropped two spots.
  • South Carolina and Notre Dame join Georgia as teams in the Top 25 with a loss on their schedule. Obviously, this list will get much longer.

Without further ado, here's the Week 2 QuackPoll!

Rank Team Points
1 Oregon (1) 119
2 Clemson (2) 118
3 Alabama (2) 108
4 LSU 93
5 Michigan 92
6 Louisville 85
7 Ohio State 83
8 Texas A&M 82
9 Florida State 81
10 Washington 72
11 Georgia 69
12 Stanford 66
13 Oklahoma State 64
T-14 Miami 56
T-14 Baylor 56
16 Wisconsin 49
17 Northwestern 44
18 South Carolina 40
19 UCLA 38
20 Texas Tech 31
21 Oklahoma 25
T-22 Utah 20
T-22 Arizona State 20
24 Nebraska 19
25 Notre Dame 17

Also receiving votes: Georgia Tech (13), North Dakota State (12), Eastern Washington (11), Tennessee (9), TCU (7), Maryland (5), Arizona (5), Washington State (4), UCF (4), Texas (2), Auburn (1)