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Oregon Ducks Football: Wednesday Practice Report with Bonus!

Prior to Football availability, we got to hear from some baseball players and coach Horton

Steve Dykes

We have just one more practice after today before the Ducks take the field on Saturday. Today, we have coaches Helfrich and Frost. Neither one was very long winded today but talked about the adjustments and such being made for the Volunteers.

Coach Helfrich talks about how Tennessee simply has athletes that they cannot duplicate on the practice field with the practice squad as it stands. According to him, they are big, fast and athletic and aren't like anything they have seen yet.

Coach Frost directly addresses the sentiment that Marcus Mariota has been struggling with his accuracy and leadership.

On top of all this, here are some baseball notes.

-Cole Irvin has developed a slider and threw it about 78% of the time this summer.

-Scott Heineman  played all 9 positions in a single game this summer and played in the Cape Cod league.

-Coach Horton hopes to sustain success and plans to do so by keeping players fresh this year.

-The Ducks have been hitting the weights in the off-season harder than ever.

Without much further ado, the raw audio from practice.

Mark Helfrich

Scott Frost