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Quack Fix: Mariota's accuracy and decision making, Malone steps up

In today's links, Frost defends Mariota from unfounded criticism, get a profile of rising star Derrick Malone, and get to know Tennessee's coaching staff.

Joe Robbins
Highlights (from yesterday's practice recap)
  • Rob takes a few moments to discuss the hyper-criticism from fans and the much maligned announcing crew that will be covering the Oregon/Tennessee matchup this weekend. He also has a quote from Frost defending Mariota's lowish completion percentage so far this year.
"He didn't throw one bad ball (on Saturday)," UO offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Scott Frost said today. "He was 14-of-28, but he had to throw about three away, we dropped about six — that's nine — and then he took a couple shots down the field that were low-percentage deals, and we missed them. That's about 12 of the 14. Looking at the tape, he didn't throw one ball that wasn't a good throw."
  • Moseley also reminds everyone that Mariota commits very, very few mistakes. Important note: Oregon still hasn't turned the ball over this year. And Mariota was efficient as always, being described by Moseley as "sublime."
  • All 3 RBs scored TDs during red-zone drills. Chance Allen continues to impress, with a great play during one-on-one drills.
  • Darren Carrington is getting more reps with the ones and twos, and may be looking like another true freshman that could see the field this season.
  • De'Anthony Thomas and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu sought each other out during one-on-one drills, but were denied the chance to compete against each other by the end of the period, much to Ifo's chagrin. Man, how fun would it have been to watch that battle?