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12 Pac Review: Let the Craziness Ensue

Christian Petersen


1. Oregon 59 vs Tennessee 14 - Well that escalated quickly.  It's good to see that even though Kelly is gone Oregon still has the ability to go on scoring runs that leave teams standing around wondering what the hell just happened.  59 unanswered points by the third quarter will definitely do that.

2. Stanford 34 at Army 20 - 205 yards passing and 203 yards rushi... ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Oh sorry, fell asleep talking about Stanford football again.  Oh and also, this happened.  Classy move by Stanford.

3. washington 34 at Illinois 24 - The score is not indicative of how much Uw controlled this game.  washington had 615 yards of offense, including 273 on the ground.  Uw did their best to keep giving Illinois hope with 2 turnovers and over 100 yards in penalties, but Bishop Sankey and the husky offense were always in complete control of this game.

4. Washington St 48 vs Southern Utah 10 - Connor Halliday can be a walking DERP machine at times, which included a pass to himself yesterday for -5 yards and an interception in the endzone for the 3rd consecutive game, but he is also starting to get comfortable in Leach's offense and that should scare some defenses (I'm looking at you swiss cheese secondary OSU).

5. Cal 34 vs Ohio State 52 - In the first 5 minutes of the game, Cal punted twice, fumbled once and gave up 3 straight touchdowns to the Buckeyes.  If you're Cal and you're playing a top 5 team you can't do that and expect to win.  [Looks at Oregon's schedule]  Actually, scratch that Cal, do that every time you play a top 5 team, I'm sure it will work out for you.

6. Oregon St 51 at Utah 48 OT - For everyone who thinks Oregon State is just going to figure it out eventually, don't bet on it.  That defense is still terrible.  OSU gave up 539 yards of offense to Utah including 260 on the ground.  Baby Giraffe Travis Wilson looked like an All-American running against them averaging 10.9 yards per carry.  Happy to hear that Storm Woods is ok, cause once OSU starts facing teams with a half-way decent secondary they're going to desperately need him.


1. Ucla 41 at Nebraska 21 - Ucla moves up to #1 in the South Power Poll for a couple of reasons.  First is what ASU did Saturday, and we'll get to that, and second is because of what they did Saturday.  Coming off an emotional week after losing a teammate tragically, and playing at 9am Pacific Time it's no surprise they started out slowly.  Once the Bruins finally woke up, they dropped 38 in a row on Nebraska on the road and put the game away.  Lastly, kudos to Nebraska for such a classy way of honoring Pasquale.  Nebraska wore #36 stickers on their helmets, and before the game released blue and gold balloons in his honor.

2. ASU 32 vs Wisconsin 30 - What a crazy endgame.  Somehow I think Gary Anderson is still standing in Tempe just like this.  I agree with Spencer in that the refs murdered the Badgers, but Wisconsin gave them the gun to do it.  Stave spent too much time trying to convince the already convinced refs that he was down, and not enough time screaming to let him kill the clock.  Also, heads up play by Anthony Jones of ASU to dive on the ball and start the confusion.

3. Arizona 38 vs UTSA 13 - Raise your hand if you've watched an Arizona game this year.  Yeah, me neither.

4. USC 35 vs Boston College 7 - Lane Kiffin bought himself another week apparently, but I'm still having a hard time seeing how they win anymore than 8 games this year, and that is not going to cut it.  It's a shame that Marqise Lee's talents are going to just be wasted there.

5. Colorado - Stay safe people

6. Utah - That was some terrible play calling in the overtime.  Dennis Erickson's last gift to OSU I guess.

Next Week's Games:

Idaho St at washington
Utah St at USC
ASU at Stanford
Oregon St at San Diego St
Utah at BYU
New Mexico at Ucla
Idaho at Washington St