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Quack Fix: Oregon Prepares for BSU (Bye State University)

Have an A1 day.

Steve Dykes

Highlights (from Oregon's victory over Tennessee)

Tweet of the Day:


  • You may have heard that Colt Lyerla was held out of action this weekend. Apparently Jason Quick, still trying to improve on his columnist aspirations, wasn't satisfied with Coach Helfrich's answer that Lyerla was held out due to "circumstances" so he took it upon himself to call Lyerla and stir the pot find out why.
  • So after finally hearing from Helfrich at the Sunday press conference, Quick changed the ending of his story from this to this. A tip for Quick, stop trying to read into "hidden smiles" and "one word answers" to find some trumped up story. Fans aren't interested in that. We want beat writers that tells us about the stories that exist and not the ones that don't.
  • Oregon is looking at using this bye week to improve on some areas. Here's my wish list for improvement: Middle Linebacker execution, Byron Marshall, and penalties.
  • The Ducks will enter the bye week as the #2 team in the nation.
  • Apparently it's not only Duck fans that want to see Oregon versus Alabama in the last year of the BCS
Finally, since Dom has decided that the Friday video is no longer important, I'll make sure to keep you covered. So enjoy some of the greatness that is Pac 12 refs.