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Oregon Ducks Football: Monday Practice Report

Today we get to hear from coach Helfrich and Brian Jackson


The Ducks resume practice today in the Mo Center in the first practice of preparation for Virginia. The heat was turned way up and the music was loud as we waited for practice to conclude and despite that, Mark Helfrich minimized how much the Ducks had tried to simulate the atmosphere of Charlottesville.

Coach Helfrich was overall pleased with his team's effort against Nicholls and goes into who stood out and made plays for the team. He goes into talking about his fourth down philosophy and also the ongoing kicking competition. Coach talks about the defense of Virginia and what they do well, as well as what he saw out of De'Anthony Thomas.

Brian Jackson briefly talks about what he saw on the field Saturday and having Avery Patterson in the defensive backfield with him. He also talks about his philosophy of watching film and how he approaches preparation for game week.

Coach Helfrich will not be available tomorrow as the holiday has made his Tuesday his Monday. GO DUCKS!

Mark Helfrich

Brian Jackson