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The QuackPoll, Week 4: Dave and Jake Have Gone Missing

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If you see them, make sure they're fed and they have access to madmike's YouTube channel. That's pretty much all they need.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

I sent a reminder email and everything.

But, like wide receivers in a Nick Holt defense, sometimes things get through. Dave and Jake's ballot's this week are MIA, so we'll have to make-do without them. Here's what Noah, Dom, and I ended up with after Week 4's games.

Rank Team Points (75 Max)
1 Oregon (2) 74
2 Clemson 69
3 Alabama (1) 68
4 LSU 61
T-5 Florida State 57
T-5 Ohio State 57
7 Stanford 56
8 UCLA 51
9 Louisville 50
10 Washington 46
11 Oklahoma State 45
12 Georgia 43
13 Baylor 41
14 Miami 34
15 Texas A&M 29
T-16 Oklahoma 26
T-16 South Carolina 26
18 Texas Tech 22
T-19 Ole Miss 20
T-19 Northwestern 20
T-21 UCF 14
T-21 Maryland 14
23 Georgia Tech 11
24 Wisconsin 10
25 Michigan


Also receiving votes: Arizona State (7), Fresno State (5), Arizona (4), Washington State (4), Notre Dame (2), Florida (1)

Notes from this week:

  • Oregon's back on top, and it's all Tako's fault - Alabama, the top team in the Week 3 QuackPoll, sleepwalked through a 31-6 win over Colorado State. It didn't look good, and it costs the Tide this week. Losing Jake's and Dave's ballots, both of whom had 'Bama at #1 last week, would have been enough to knock them to #2. Tako dropped the Tide all the way to #7 in his poll, and that was enough to drop Alabama below Clemson to #3 in the combined ballot.
  • I am convinced that LSU will be the #4 team in every combined poll, no matter how anyone feels about them.
  • Week 5 is gonna change EVERYTHING - Alabama-Ole Miss, LSU-Georgia, UCF-South Carolina, and Wisconsin-Ohio State all have serious QuackPoll implications, and at least two of those should be fun to watch (I'll leave it to you to figure out which two).
  • Michigan should probably stop sucking - The Wolverines are 4-0, and dropping like a rock. After consecutive nail-biting wins over Akron and UConn, Michigan has fallen from #5 all the way to #25, and the only reason they're ranked at all is because Dom sees good in them, putting them at #18 in his ballot.
  • This week, we like... Alabama (Noah's #1), Washington (Tako's #3), Louisville (Dom's #6)
  • This week, we hate...Miami (Noah's #22), Stanford (Tako's #15), Baylor (Dom's #17)
What did we fuck up? Tell us in the comments!