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Oregon Ducks Football: Wednesday practice report

Today we get to hear from coach Helfrich

Jonathan Ferrey

Well, I survived. For those unaware, I've had the worst head cold I have ever had and it took me out of action for the full week last week. Now that I'm back, let's get to practice reports

Today we only hear from coach Helfrich. Turnovers get brought up a couple times and he says that he wants to treat Oregon's turnover margin like a no hitter in baseball and not talk about it.

He gets asked about his first start in college for a short bit of comedy from the coach.

The questioning gets turned back to turnovers and how the Ducks look to force turnovers and how they have to defend against the Air Raid offense.

Coach Helfrich then goes into talking about how the defense is prepared to defend the whole field and the basics of defending an offense like what Sonny Dykes is running down at California.


Mark Helfrich