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How We Go: A Test On California's Defense

As a teacher in my day job, I have to design all kinds of tests. The following is a test on your Cal defensive knowledge. Please keep your eyes on your own paper. Use only blue or black ink.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Section One

Please circle the best answer.

1. Cal gives up 42 points and 556 yards per game. This is:

a) bad

b) really bad

c) spectacularly bad

d) all of the above

2. The Bears give up 7.4 yards per play. This:

a) ranks 117th in the country

b) means Oregon State might run for 40 yards on them

c) they're boned.

d) all of the above

3. Cal's defense is more effective against:

a) the run

b) the pass

c) its equally terrible against both

Section Two


4. Cal:Defense :: USC:Offense

5. Marcus Mariota will do whatever he wants in this game.

6. So will De'Anthony Thomas.

7. So will Josh Huff.

8. Oregon's defense will probably score, too.

9. Puddles will score, too. Probably with a Cal cheerleader.

Section Three


10. Cal has played three teams this year. Two major spread teams, Northwestern and Ohio State, averaged 48 points. A bad FCS squad, Portland State, put up 30. Teams have run at will against the Golden Bears this season. Teams have passed at will against the Golden Bears this season. Citing statistical evidence, what is the likely outcome of a team with this bad of a defensive profile doing anything positive against the most prolific offensive team in the country.