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12 Pac Review: Lots of Scoring Edition



1. Oregon 55 vs Cal 16 - This game was a nightmare for Cal from the very beginning. A typhoon was moving through the Northwest and a 7:30pm start time was right as the storm was hitting. Cal turned the ball over 5 times in their first 6 possession and Oregon capitalized on the short fields to score 41 straight points. Biggest concern for Duck fans will have to be the health of DAT who tweaked his ankle on the opening kick off.

2. Stanford 55 at WSU 17 - The Tree putting a hurting on the Coug QBs... literally and figuratively. Connor Halliday was knocked out of the game in the third quarter on a pick six as he got slammed to the turf and gave Stanford a 24-3 lead. Austin Apodaca as back up didn't fare much better. Kevin Hogan was efficient for Stanford going 16/25 for 286 yards and 3 TDs.

3. washington 31 vs Arizona 13 - The huskies faced the same type of pouring rain and swirling wind in their first half, but weren't as nearly efficient about scoring touchdowns. Keith Price struggled in the first half with accuracy, but was able to figure it out in the second going 14/25 for 165 yards in the game. The story for the huskies so far this year has to be Bishop Sankey. Sankey had another huge game rushing for 161 yards on 40 carries as Uw's renewed focus on running the ball is providing a good one-two punch with their receiving talent.

4. Oregon State 44 vs Colorado 17 - Worst 4-1 team in the country. At least OSU didn't struggle to beat a bad team at home this time as 21 points in the third quarter helped fuel the blow out. For all of Mike Riley's talk about focusing on the running game, OSU still hasn't had a hundred yard rusher this year (even though the team finally broke the 100 mark combined).

5. WSU

6. Cal


1. Ucla - Bye

2. ASU 62 vs USC 41 - The Sun Devils took out some of their frustration of not being able to score last week against Stanford on the Trojans this week. More than 250 yards rushing and 350 yards passing against what was (not any longer) the best defense statistically in the Pac 12.

3. Utah - Is Utah really the third best team in the South? Ok.

4. Arizona - You could probably argue that USC is better than Arizona, especially if you watch BJ Denker throw a pass this week. I mean seriously, how bad is Denker? Here's your weekend assignment: Rank these Pac 12 QB from best to worst, and when I mean best I mean 9th to 12th best starting QBs in the conference? USC's Cody Kessler, WSU's Connor Halliday, Colorado's Connor Wood and Arizona's BJ Denker.

5. USC - Lane Kiffin just sealed his fate letting Marqise Lee return a punt down 27 points in the second half where Lee promptly blows up his knee.

6. Colorado - Just a tip, Paul Richardson is good and OSU's secondary is terrible, next time try throwing to him.

Next Week's Games:

Ucla at Utah (Thursday Night)
WSU at Cal
Oregon at Colorado
ASU vs Notre Dame
Uw at Stanford