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Lane Kiffin Fired At USC

Eleven Pac-12 schools mourn the loss of the most incompetent coach in the conference.

Stephen Dunn

Woke up to some big news out of Los Angeles, where Lane Kiffin has been fired following another terrible loss:

The USC Trojans have fired coach Lane Kiffin not six hours after dropping to 3-2 after a blowout loss to Arizona State.

Trojans athletic director Pat Haden broke the news to Kiffin after the team's charter-flight arrival back in Los Angeles early Sunday morning after the 62-41 loss at Tempe, Ariz., the school said in a statement on its website.

USC has lost seven of its past 11 games dating to last year and both of its first two in Pac-12 play this season.

The only surprise about Kiffin's firing is that it didn't happen weeks ago. However, details are starting to emerge that this firing was especially messy:

Queue up the rumor mill connecting anyone and everyone to this job, but one thing is for sure: get a competent coach at SC, and they are immediately a factor in the Pac-12. No rumors yet on which new job Kiffin is falling up to.