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Quack Fix: Thomas Tyner looks to debut on against Virginia

It sounds like Coach Campbell was able to resist Tyner's pleas to play against Nichols State. The talented freshman should make his first appearance this Saturday.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
Highlights (from Monday's practice report)
  • Ducks were indoors to kick off practices for Virginia.
  • Torrodney Prevot enjoyed being indoors in the heat.
  • Marcus Mariota, despite an interception by Derrick Malone, was reportedly sharp most of practice
  • The defense got the better of both the ones and twos in clutch scenarios to end practice.
Blurb of the day:
Often times upperclassmen will put a young guy in his place that has been a really hot player in high school, and say ‘Hey. You are at Oregon now. You have to start all over.’  We encourage it. We tell those guys ‘Don’t be ashamed to tell the guy next to you that ‘Hey, that’s not the Oregon way, that’s not what we do.''
--Gary Campbell on the culture and the "Oregon way" of the football team.