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Oregon Ducks Football: Tuesday Practice Report

We got a whole flock of Ducks today

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon was in the Mo Center again today but coach Helfrich was unavailable for comment. Who we got today is Coach Aliotti, Marcus Mariota, Terrance Mitchell and Torrodeny Prevot.

Coach Aliotti talked about how the team performed last week and what preparations they have gone through to be ready for Virginia.

Marcus talks about the pace and using it as a weapon against a team like Virginia and also what he is seeing out of Bralon Addison.

Terrance Mitchell goes into the infamous helmet to helmet play and how he has adjusted his game and what he sees out of quarterbacks from around the country.

Finally we get to hear from Torrodney Prevot and what his impressions were, playing his first game for the Ducks and what he is seeing out of their next opponent.

The Ducks haven't lost on the road since 2009 and look to keep the streak in order. Stay tuned at ATQ to see just how they plan to do that. GO DUCKS!

Coach Aliotti

Marcus Mariota

Terrance Mitchell

Torrodney Prevot