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Poll: Virginia on the Road. Trap Game?

Most everyone is picking Oregon to pick up a victory on Saturday and in "going away" fashion. With a big name, SEC opponent coming to Autzen next week and a very long trip East, could this spell trouble for the Ducks?


Oregon opened up as a 23.5 point favorite earlier this week against a Virginia team who pulled off a win against a team in BYU that is working it's way towards a high tempo offense. The Cavaliers had all summer to scheme against the spread and got a bit of a warm up against the Cougars. Now, the Ducks come rolling it essentially untested with a big name opponent coming into Autzen next week in Tennessee.

Big point spread, long trip east, possibly looking ahead to a big home game the following week, and a ton of blowout expectations? Oregon may still end up winning but it sounds like we need to ask a simple question.