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12 Pac Review

It's back and it's better than ever. Enjoy your half rack review of all the Pac 12 action this week.

I <3 Lane Kiffin. Please don't ever leave USC
I <3 Lane Kiffin. Please don't ever leave USC
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon 59 at Virginia 10 - Oregon gets the top spot in this week's power poll. There are still some kinks to be worked out on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, but they are doing to teams what they are supposed to do to teams. The second half shutout was a thing of beauty and Mariota and DAT are threats to take it all the way every time they touch the ball.

2. Stanford 34 vs San Jose St 13 - Stanford started the season late, but looks like the Stanford you would expect. Beating a lesser opponent by slowly grinding away at their neck with their dull knife offense and sledgehammer to the back defense. In other words it was boring.

3. Uw - Unusually early bye

4. Cal 37 vs Portland State 30 - Losing to an FCS opponent early in the season is not a good thing., luckily Cal was able to escape that fate. Sonny Dykes admitted after the game that PSU played a completely different style of offense from their first week game. Also, freshman Jared Goff is on pace to throw 684 passes this season.

5. WSU 10 at USC 7 -On the road for the second straight week, the Cougs pulled out a victory against the mighty Trojans by not scoring a single offensive touchdown. Connor Halliday is a turnover waiting to happen, but the Cougs have found a running game which will help them throughout the season.

6. OSU 33 vs Hawaii 14 - Sean Mannion passed for 451 yards and Brandin Cooks caught 2 of Mannion's 4 TDs. The reason the Beavers are at the bottom of my power poll is their defense is still atrocious. From what I have seen of them this year, I don't see them beating any Pac 12 teams. I know they'll improve, but until I see it on the field, the team in the Pac 12 that actually lost to an FCS team is in the basement of the power poll.


1. ASU 55 vs Sacremento State 0 - This may not be popular, but I still think ASU is the best team in the Pac 12 south. That defense is nasty, and they have a lot of play makers on offense. Grice, Kelly, Foster, and their new guy Strong are all weapons. They're not ranked right now, and their early season schedule is brutal, but they're going to upset some teams (cough... Stanford... cough) and quickly get on everyone's radar.

2. Ucla - They're on a bye

3. Arizona 58 at UNLV 13 - Offensively, it looks like Zona hasn't lost much. BJ Denker isn't going to put a lot of fear into teams, but Ka'Deem Carey is scary good at running back. I'm not sure how well they'll hold up considering how tough their schedule is at the end of the year, but right now they look like the 3rd best team in the South.

4. USC - Enjoy your last year of Lane Kiffin boys and girls. Although, he'll probably get fired from USC to take the Dallas Cowboys job. Nobody fails forward better than Kiffin.

5. Utah 70 vs Weber St 7 - Wilson was incredibly efficient as the Utes improved to 2-0 going 14/19 for 264 yards. Next week's game against OSU should tell us a lot more about Utah. Right now their offense looks good against mediocre competition, but I'm not sure how good their defense is. OSU should test their defense while allowing their offense to continue to improve.

6. Colorado 38 vs Cent Arkansas 24 - Under-appreciated Colorado improved to 2-0 as well as Paul Richardson had another 200+ yard receiving game. Colorado and Utah are 2-0 and USC is 1-1 and just lost at home to WSU and OSU is 1-1 with a loss to an FCS school on their record. Think about that for a second. Isn't college football season great?

Next Week's Games:

Ucla at Nebraska
Stanford at Army
Fresno State at Colorado
Boston College at USC
Tennessee at Oregon
washington at Illinois
Southern Utah at WSU
Ohio St at Cal
Oregon State at Utah
Wisconsin at ASU
UTSA at Arizona