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Jersey Contest: Week 3

It's not too late to sign up for our annual jersey contest. Join for free at Fun Office Pools.

Joe Robbins

This week, there were 12 perfect scores for the six week two games. The only one that tripped me up was Oregon -- that'll show me for doubting. For the overall leaderboard, we have a six-way tie at the top with 10 correct picks out of 11. Here are your games for this week. You can join for free at Fun Office Pools (password is GoDucks).

  • UCLA at Nebraska (-4.5)
  • Fresno State (-10.5) at Colorado
  • Alabama (-7.5) at Texas A&M
  • washington (-8.5) at Illinois
  • Oregon State at Utah (-1.5)
  • Wisconsin at Arizona State (-5.5)

Good luck to everyone. Rules and more information can be found here.