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Quack Fix: Helfrich Mind Games, DAT goes Fishing, and ALL THE PENALTIES

In case you weren't keeping track, today is day 3,600 since the last time Uw beat Oregon. That's a lot of days, onto the quack.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Game Highlights: (Postgame Notebook)

  • DAT tired a career high with 3 TDs.
  • Tyner and Tyrell Robinson became the 5th and 6th true freshmen to play this year.
  • The Ducks were 0-2 on 4th down after going 1-3 last week. More on this later.
  • Oregon still hasn't given up a turnover this year

Blurb of the day:


  • The Ducks are now #2 in both polls and have picked up a 1st place vote in each of them. However, this is probably one of the best ballots I've seen in a while.
  • You have to love Helfrich's ability to play mind games with his players and the fact that they just get it. I remember the last time we played Tennessee how Chip Kelly blared Rocky Top all week over the PA. Should be interesting to see what Helfrich has in store for his team this week.
  • I couldn't care less about the penalties right now. Easy teachable moments that can be fixed, like Brandon Bair putting his hands in a guy's face or leg whips on an outside run.
  • Here's what is concerning and what I'd want to hear about from fans. Offensive line is struggling to get a push up the middle. The 2 new guards in Stevens and Greig need to figure out how to get leverage or when we face a better D-line, we're going to killed up the middle (see Fairley, Nick)
  • Middle linebackers are still struggling to make the right reads and hit the right gaps. In the long run I'm not really concerned about this as Clay, Kiko, and other guys on the Ducks were slow to get it, but once they did it wasn't a problem going forward.
  • My last concern comes with the Ducks 4th down conversions. One of the things Oregon thrived on the last couple of years was catching teams off guard on 4th down and using their hurry up execute and move the chains. So far this year, it hasn't gone as well. The O-line looks in disarray and the conversion percentage against obviously mediocre talent hasn't been great. If the Ducks can't figure it out I would rather have them punt it and turn it over to our deep and talented defense to do what it does best.
That's all the quack I got. Leave any other pieces in the comments below.