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Oregon Ducks Football: Monday Practice Report

There was a lot of activity today after practice and ATQ was in the thick of it.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon practiced for the first time this week in what coach Helfrich called the best Monday they have had this season to date. The Ducks are going through installing their offense and defense for the Volunteers and their beastly offensive line. Today, we get to hear from Coaches Campbell and Helfrich and players Brian Jackson and Tony Washington.

Briefly, Campbell talks about Tyner and Marshall what they both did well before coach Helfrich came walking in.

Helfrich talks a bit about his expectations for the next week and how he plans to address the penalties and what he saw from the game against Virginia.

Jackson speaks on how the next challenge with the Volunteers will test the secondary and Tony Washington talks a little about how the team, and he specifically is approaching a showdown with a SEC team. Next week I'm going to get Aliotti and talk to him about the defense. GO DUCKS

Coach Campbell

Mark Helfrich

Brian Jackson

Tony Washington