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Quack Fix: Damnit all to Hell!

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


  • It may not be clear to Jake, but it's clear to a whole bunch of Duck fans, this team has forgotten how to play defense, completely given up on the hustle plays, and just expects to shoot their way to victory. Guess what boys, that's not how it works and a fourth straight loss (3 which should never have happened) better open your freaking eyes to type of team you are.
  • Adding to the bad news this weekend was the fact that 4* recruit Budda Baker decided to decommit fromt he Ducks. With signing day less than a month away, this is still a great class, but losing out on key players is never a place you want to be heading into the final stretch.
  • 6 straight losses? Yeah, go ahead and retract the one good comment I made about Paul Westhead in the last three years.
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