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Quack Fix: The Friday Fix is Too Depressing

I was going to do this quack fix just like every Friday... post it up at 7am, try it keep things light and airy, maybe post a funny video but I just can't do it. Not today. Men's Basketball has lost 5 games in a row and worse yet, we lost back-to-back to Oregon State and Washington.

Josh Holmberg-US PRESSWIRE


People are all over Twitter using hyperboles to describe the team as "terrible" and "awful". Normally I would dismiss these characterizations as a joke and overreaching but I find myself falling into a similar line of thinking. I wanted to push back, but I didn't have the energy to do so. I didn't even bother with the end of the game last night because it was just so hard to watch. I had invested early in the season and even bought into the expectations "those in the know" were setting.

It hurts... it hurts bad.

I went to bed early, tried to figure out how Jared blocked BuzzFeed from appearing in his Facebook feed for a while and then eventually fell asleep. I didn't even have it in me to go on a late night bender, drinking Dr. Delight with a red vine straw and watch old clips of last year's run to the Sweet 16. Do I want to create a post to link up all the articles talking about how things suck?

Not at all.

I wish I had a better reason for not doing a quack fix today other than my own self-loathing and drowning in my pity pool with a super sweet diving board. But like our basketball team, I have no defense.

If you have some quack, feel free to add it to the comments. Just try not to make us more depressed than we already are.