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Quack Fix: Dot got Hot

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have links about the big win against Utah last night, Lacrosse hosting their annual 7-on-7 clinic, an update on Jeff Tedford, and a proposal to replace "Coug'd it".



  • Men's Basketball pulled a duck out of a hat last night in Salt Lake City with a comeback win against Utah in overtime, 70-68. We also were taught that if a ball does not pass completely through the net, it doesn't count as points. Check out ATQ rookie Sean's recap.
  • Everyone was super pumped about Damyean Dotson's steal and dunk but the last few seconds provided a stark reminder that you have to play defense until the very end because Utah got a wide open look at a game winning shot. They make that and we have a very different narrative this morning.
  • After their performance last night, Utah's program might finally be starting to earn that respect it has been looking for.
  • Oregon Lacrosse is holding their annual 7-on-7 clinic on February 15th.
  • Phil and Penny Knight gave the second largest publically announced donation of 2013 with their pledge of $500 million to the Oregon Health and Sciences University Foundation.
  • The guys over at Coug Center have proposed an alternative to the term "Coug'd it", one that I hope everyone will get behind.
  • Former Cal head football coach Jeff Tedford is heading to the NFL.

Blurb of the Day

Not a good look.