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Quack Fix: 2014 Pac-12 Football Schedule, Ducks Basketball Takes On Cal

Your morning helping of Oregon Ducks news.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get into the Quack, I want to announce one final staff addition to ATQ. We're pleased to bring on Kassidy Iwashita, a junior journalism major who has previously blogged about the Golden State Warriors. Please give Kassidy  a hearty welcome. Now, onto the Quack:


Off-Topic thought of the day:

As a kid, I was a baseball fan before I became a fan of other sports. Because they were literally always on nationally on TBS, many kids in the 90s watched a lot of the Atlanta Braves. It made me realize I was getting old, but it was really nice to see Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine get voted into the hall of fame yesterday (Frank Thomas as well). Those two, plus John Smoltz (who hopefully will get in when he enters the ballot next year) were the most dominant pitching rotation I have seen, and to think that they stayed together for nearly a decade. Being able to consistently watch greatness was a privilege, one that, as a Mariners fan in my adult life, I rarely see these days.

That's all I've got. If anymore Quack comes along, please share.