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An Ongoing Conversation with Arizona Desert Swarm

Embracing new technology; let's see how this works!


Luddites beware, this post contains a new piece of social media tech!

For the first time, ATQ is utilizing ReplyAll as a way to communicate with partner blogs. How it works is this:

  • Jason Bartel of Arizona Desert Swarm and I are having an "on our own time" conversation, similar to an email chain. I say something, he responds, and so on.
  • Down below, the conversation is embedded, and will update as we post new responses. This means, you can tune into the conversation as it happens (though it won't necessarily be a rapid-fire sort of deal).
  • We want to hear your input! If you've got a question that you'd like Jason (or me) to answer, leave it in the comments and I'll try and add it into the ReplyAll stream.
Check it out, and let's see if this futurespeak works!